Our newest mini-game, Rolling Slowly, is finally here. Avoid healthy food, try not to exercise, and for the love of god! DONT EVER COME IN FIRST!

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Earn, buy, and collect valuable NFT’s modeled after your favorite Influencers. Better yet, use them to compete in the game!

How it works

Influencers of the Metaverse has two parts. The Metaverse itself and the mini-games within it.

The Metaverse

Dive into the metaverse and get your chubby hands on Influencer NFTs, IOM tokens, and powerups that have “real” value in the “real” world.

Influencers of the Metaverse IOM metaverse image

The Mini-Games

Use your Influencer NFTs and IOM tokens to play an ever-growing list of minigames to earn real-world crypto.

  • Rolling Slowly

    Avoid vegitables and other healthy obsticals to try and come in dead last.

  • Stay Afloat

    (Coming Soon)

    Chose your influencers NFT and unleash them on the metaverse with mini-games and competitions.

  • Down We Go

    (Coming Soon)

    Your weight is working agains you as you try and stay in last place.

  • And many more to come!


The IOM Token is at the core of Influencers of the Metaverse. It can be purchased or earned and is used to play, upgrade and LOSE better than your competitors!

Influencers of the metaverse Graphic

Earn By Playing

Earn IOM by just playing... Earn even more if you win!

Influencers of the metaverse Graphic

Purchase Tokens

Purchase or trade IOM on any major Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

Influencers of the metaverse Graphic

Characters NFTs

Collect rare NFTs of your favorite influencers for use in-game.

Influencers of the metaverse Graphic

In-Game Items

Use IOM to get power-up and other in-game items.

Influencers of the metaverse Graphic

Influencer Boxes

Take a chance and try to earn big with Influencer Boxes


Ready to dive in an LOSE as all costs! You can get started by selecting one of the links below.

Rolling Slowliy background for Influencers of the Metavers
Skyzoo NFTs from Influencers of the metaverse